First Draft

by P. Murray

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In trying to figure out the best way to debut his work to the people, P. Murray searched long & hard within himself, as well as facilitated many conversations with friends & colleagues. The end result proved to be a sound conclusion; in an industry that moves faster than most highway traffic, to take time out and create a full-length album would only prohibit P. from being able to exercise his other creative & collaborative ventures. This led him to record 15 tracks, not necessarily with a complete line of thought or storyboard, but still retaining artistic integrity as well as a well-rounded sound. Later conversations helped P. decide to split the track listing into two EP releases, and it was through more intense thought that the "First Draft" concept came to light.

"First Draft," the official debut project from Joseph P. Murray, is his way of showing the world that musicians with artistic desires can be presented in a way that both speaks to a large audience and simultaneously push the boundaries of Pop music. With a constant R&B influence and a classical flare, the songs on "First Draft" travel across the emotional and musical map; from the inspiring mid-tempo hit, "iBet," the jovial and biting "Manerveration," to the more subdued but still beautiful songs like "One Step Out Of A Time," this EP is a small but potent representation of all that can be good with popular music in the post-modern age. Production ranges from European heatmakers, Chris Jamir & The LoungeLizzards, to homegrown talent such as Arinze "Red" Ukachukwu. This is laid expertly underneath sublime writing from strong writers such as The Commission, Seanmichael Rodgers, I.D., and P. himself.

It is P. Murray's fondest wish that both "First Draft" EP releases be a way for listeners searching for that Pop music middle-ground between catchy, infectious tunes and beautiful music to be satisfied. P. and his collaborators have put much effort into these records, and we are sure that you will enjoy everything you hear. Remember, no one is perfect.

"We're all under revision..."


released May 4, 2010

Executive Producer: Joseph P. Murray
Artist Development: SeanMichael Rodgers (HarlemBoy University), Damien Ramsey-Rodgers, Cordell McClary (CoMusiq)
A&R: Joseph P. Murray, SeanMichael Rodgers

Mastering: The SoundLab/Discmakers (
Pennsauken, NJ

Art Direction & Design: Jason Gibson, SeanMichael Rodgers, JP Murray
Photography: Jason Gibson (JG Images), Briian Dargon (BSixtee6)
Styling: Rashi Pickney (SimplyShiq), Briian Dargon



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P. Murray New York

A singer. A songwriter. Producer. Composer. Arranger. Engineer. P. Murray does all these things, and professes a love for each one in it's own right. But it is the love of performing that takes precedence over the others & carries him through as an artist. Listen, look, and see for yourself what Pop music can sound like when hard work & true love for the craft are present. ... more

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